Thursday, October 2, 2014

Tacoma Marathon 5/4/14

This was my first marathon in about 14 months and so I was nervous about finishing. I had spent the last year out of shape and/or with my foot stress fracture issue and the motivation for running long was in part gone. This race has an RD that is a Marathon Maniac and so there is a special medal for Maniacs and a race entry discount, so I figured I would give it a try. We also had a family member's Flat Stanley to take pictures of, so we headed out a day early to spend the night at Cannon Beach, OR before heading up to Tacoma, WA.

We opted to do the spaghetti dinner since it was convenient but there were VERY FEW people there, and only 1 seating. So it was awkward but we had a good time, not having to deal with driving anywhere, particularly since it had been raining hard all day. I kept checking the weather forecast but there was more rain for the race the next day as well. We stayed at the host hotel in Downtown Tacoma, and we were there early so we went to the Glass Museum which was more interesting than we were expecting (and got some Flat Stanley pictures there) and to the UW-Tacoma bookstore.

The race turned out great, high point crossing the Tacoma Narrows Bridge with the low point as we ran through Pt Defiance park as it seemed like we were in the park for a really long time. HH was able to meet me every 3-5 miles along the course, and my parents were at one spot before heading to do town errands. The race organization was so-so, I was expecting more since the RD is a Maniac but oh well. Probably not do this one again unless it is super cheap.

Great confidence booster that I was able to finish this race even though I was slow.

Marathon or longer #52, no new state.

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