Thursday, October 2, 2014

Long Play 33 1/3 3/3/13 State #32 Florida

I had been thinking about going to a conference in Florida and then started looking around at races so I could tag Florida while I was there. The only one I could find was an ultra that was a 4-5 hour drive from Ft Lauderdale. It looked like a good run and I signed up. I just needed to rent a car for the last few days of my stay in Florida. I ended up getting to rent a Prius which was interesting.

Matt Mahoney made a nice map of the trail from his run of the race. It was unusually cold and low humidity for Florida for the race which was awesome! Relatively flat, some sand in places, lots of aid stations. Later in the race at an aid station I was told I was 2nd place female, which I thought was odd but was motivating. When I finished a girl walked up to me and said "you finished 2nd but it isn't going to count because my friend was ahead of you she just got lost." This statement made me want to get out of there right away, as the race and finish area was a very casual setup. Finishers had their choice of LP record to take home out of a box for which I had no need or want for one. I didn't stick around for the BBQ and headed back to the hotel right away to shower and nap. I checked in for a 2nd night even though I was only going to stay until dinner-time where I planned to meet with Tigger, a thruhiker and trail angel that lived in a near by town. They live in an RV on a friend's property and after dinner we went to their RV (chuck norris was up in Hot Springs, NC helping to run the hostel there), and I napped until I had to leave at 1am to make it to my flight in Ft Lauderdale on time.

Great trip, lucky weather!
State #32, FL.

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