Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Vashon 50k June 7, 2014

This was the 5th running of this race and I have been trying to run this since the first year. However, thruhiking and work have gotten in the way until this year. Work looked like it was going to get in the way again this year but a last minute shift change saved my race.

Start at 8:30am

Packet pick up the night before and before the morning of the race, race shirt was extra which I opted out of as I already have a ton of race t-shirts. There were several Marathon Maniacs in attendance for the race. It was t-shirt and shorts weather at the start line which means it was on the warm side for the race start and would only get warmer. The course is 3 x 10 mile loops with a little tagged on to the start and finish to get to/from the loop.

The course was VERY well marked and had an aid station at about mile 5 and mile 10, and then again to those same aid stations every 5 miles. There was also a "rogue" aid station about mile 4 (repeating at mile 14 and 24) with watermelon and salted watermelon with some water. This is put out by people that live on the course, their daughter had run the 10 mile race that day that I met on my 3rd loop.
Follow the flour arrows!

Do not enter

Dad volunteering in the vest as a race number checker at mile 10 aid station

Mile 10 aid station
We had 2 roads to cross that were manned by flaggers. Some sweet sweet single track for most of the course with some dirt jeep roads lightly sprinkled in.

One of two signs that Dad put out to cheer runners

HH was there at crossings to crew for me and I saw him about every 3 miles. Some runners that ended up seeing him as well asked how he got around so fast that he must be superman. He answered that he had a car and they were let down by this. I told him that next person to ask how he got around he should tell them "magic carpet."

I chased staying hydrated enough all day and keeping my stomach happy and kept a fine line with that. On the second loop I stepped off trail to empty my bladder and after successfully skirting the stinging nettles I ended up covered with wasps and ended up with what felt to be about 9 stings/bites that were quite painful, though luckily I am not allergic. They hurt for 2-3 miles and my plan was to drop if they didn't stop hurting but the pain eventually subsided. Now 4 days later I have a minor cellulitis at 3 bite spots that I am watching closely and will hopefully subside without need for oral antibiotics.

Then on the 3rd loop a lady with 2 unleashed dogs came around the corner, I stopped to walk so not to agitate the dogs and then stopped when one started barking and then charging at me. She called him back and then he changed his mind and charged at me 2 more times. She then just ran past me calling at the dogs and luckily it ended there. Almost everyone else at that point then had their dogs leased and there was no more issues. I chatted with the aid station volunteers about it and they said that she had asked which way to go that the runners were not going but he said he hadn't paid attention to whether or not they were leashed. They were sympathetic to my story and at that point that is what was important to my tired brain.

The finish came about 6 hours and 15 minutes after the start and we rushed to my parents for a quick shower before the sprint to the ferry and sprint home to Portland, OR to get to work on time for my night shift (yes I know....). Finisher medal made of glass that looked to be the bottom of a glass bottle hacked off then the edges melted so they were not sharp.
Lifetime marathon or longer #53 (no new state).

Next up the Vancouver USA Marathon June 15.