Friday, February 22, 2013

Myrtle Beach/Lost Dutchman Part 2

The marathon started at 6:30am, we were staying 30 minutes from the start, equals an early alarm. The start was across the street from a corner of the Broadway at the Beach Complex.

 The course is a huge skinny rectangle that parallels the shoreline and starts at the same time and follows most of the same course with the half marathoners.

Gratuitous beach shot that you could only see
snippets of from the race course

Also not on the course but nearish

Gratuitous palm tree photo

Just after where the halfers had turned to head to the finish line

Me in the gray shirt from Route 66 Marathon,
note the sleezy motels as far as the eye can see
This race went generally better than the indoor one that was about 1 month before, with regular gel intake for fueling, and more importantly, no gasteroenteritis afterwards!

Finish in just under 4 hours and 40 minutes!
 Our view from the walk back from the baseball stadium where the finish was to our car parked across the street at the Broadway at the Beach Complex.

Note the budding trees in mid-February

Upside down building at Broadway at the Beach
Our flight left Myrtle Beach, SC airport at 4pm and so we had about 2-3 hours to shower, eat at Cracker Barrel, return the rental car, and get past security. Our flight left on time and we even ran into fellow Marathon Maniacs/50 Staters from the race. Including World Record Holder Larry Macon, partially my inspiration for the crazy weekend. Kicking myself for not getting a picture with him!

Up next: Myrtle Beach/Lost Dutchman Double Marathon Weekend Part III

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