Friday, February 22, 2013

Myrtle Beach/Lost Dutchman Double Part 1

After registering for the Lost Dutchman Marathon and then finding out the Myrtle Beach Marathon was the same weekend, I began devising a double marathon weekend. First looking at flights to evaluate logistics, then proceeding after finding reasonable flights at reasonable times.

We flew to Myrtle Beach, SC via Charlotte, NC the day before the marathon (Friday 2/15) and was on the ground with our rental car by 1pm to the Expo a whopping 6 miles away. After getting race swag for both the Friday night 5k and the marathon, we headed out after touching base with a fellow Marathon Maniac who was also the RD (race director) for the 5k race. We went to PF Changs in a new nearby outdoor shopping area for a late lunch/early dinner because of the time of HH needing to be available to volunteer and the time of the 5k, which started at 7pm. It sounded good and both of us had not eaten at one for several years.

3 Local News Stations covering the 5k race start


Part of the Broadway at the Beach complex

Sunset just before the 5k start
Cadre of 5k packet pickup volunteers,
with me there in green for moral support

Me in the green long sleeve
 just before the start

Now, I have not run a 5k race in several years. When you run a lot of marathons you get cheap with your race money and prefer to spend $60 on 26.2 miles instead of $30 on only 5k (3.1 miles). Just like with the Icebreaker Indoor Marathon, HH and I have both continued to work 60-70 hour work weeks, week after week, leaving little time for actual physical exercise (I know, I know). So I was unsure of how both races would shake out. I ran without my GPS watch and just went by feel, ending up finishing right at about 25 minutes, compared to the 21-22 minute 5k cross country races from high school and college. Finisher medals were mini versions of the marathon finisher medal.

Marathon on the left, 5k on the right

Me in green crossing the finish line!
We stayed at my Marathon Maniac's friend's house that lived on the edge of town and before we knew it we were up for the marathon the next morning.

Up next: Part II The Myrtle Beach Marathon

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