Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fox Cities Marathon Appleton, WI 9/23/12

I ran this race last year as a Marathon Maniac reunion, and this year because I had access to a “free” hotel room. My dad was visiting this week from Seattle and was in Appleton, WI for a cribbage tourneyment, a mere 5k away from the start line at UW-Fox Cities. I worked on Saturday for 10 hours and then made the 2 hour drive up from Milwaukee and checked in. Early bed time for a 5 am alarm, with the race starting at 7am. We found a Starbucks open early on Sunday am and took the long way to the start line with plenty of time to spare without having to stand out in the 38 degree cold weather. In 2 months 38 degrees will no longer feels cold but right now in transition into fall, everyone looked freezing, particularly the spectators.
The race started on time at 7am and we were off. The had 2 corrals A, B, C and it helped to organize the different running paces. This race is a point to point and there are random pockets of spectators in the neighborhoods cheering. A few interesting signs “Worst Parade Ever,” “Motivational Sign,” and “If this were easy your husband would do it.” I wore capris, tshirt, and gloves and was at a perfect temperature. By the end of my run at 11am, temps were in the upper 50’s.
I had no race goal but had to think about time a little as my dad was out cheering and needed rough estimates for spectating sites. I started out and found myself at 9 min/mile and ended up staying at that pace the entire morning. I did slow down slightly to use the portapotty once and when I started geting moderately severe right knee pain. It turns out my sciatic nerve on the right side was being pinched and the pain would go away completely if I picked up my knees a little, it was very weird but I was grateful for the pain relief.
I finished in 4:02:44 and was surprised and pleased with my time. Space blankets, finsher medal and shirt, and the usual after race fruits, bagels and water. Bummer for them though to have run out of chocolate milk so early on in the race, usually that happens close to the surge of runners finishing at the 4:30 mark. I suspect having the half marathon runners finish before the marathoners had a part in that. Boo.
A short walk to the car, late checkout at the hotel and we were on our way on the 2 hour drive back to Milwaukee.This was a well run race, great aid stations with a few of them being themed (cowboy at one, hippy at the other).
Repeat state. #44 marathon or longer.
Next up, Tahoe Triple Marathon Sept 28, 29, 30!

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