Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cal-Neva Marathon, Day 2 Tahoe Triple Marathon 9/29/12

The race for day #2 started roughly the same place we finished the day before near Spooner Lake, NV. We left the hotel early to be able to make a stop at the Starbucks on the way to the start.

Pre race instructions right before the start of the race
Just before the start, my MM friend Jennifer H. tells us that she lost her money, ID, and credit card in the woods when she went to the restroom, as there was only one portapotty at the start line. She has looked for a little bit but the gun was already sounded for the start. HH and another person volunteered to look for a while and would be in contact with her. The first 0.2 miles is flat followed by several miles of downhill, loosing all the elevation that we gained at the end of the course the day before.

Downhill running stride
There were a few small uphills in the middle of the downhills but nothing lasting too long. With views like this...

After about 10 miles we approached and skirted Incline Village, going along huge and expensive looking homes. About this time we started seeing the cyclists that were doing a full and half loop of the lake, they were heading the opposite direction that we were. Leaving town we were greeted with a moderate climb, luckily HH was there for the resupply.

He saw roughly the same runners most of the day, and was offering to them all the things pictured here. He said after a while when he would see the same runners again "I have the usual," instead of listing everything he had to offer. Initially the people that didn't take stuff started to later in the race, and the people that took stuff early on, stopped taking it later. People tended to go for the gatorade until later in the race then he got more requests for water. I complemented him on his crewing skills, particularly since after I finished, several people came up to him to thank him for his crewing help. He replied "I learned it from Magic Man." You see, Magic Man is the trail name that my dad earned while helping us out when we thruhiked the entire Appalachian Trail in 2007 and the name stuck after sharing his trail magic with both me and my trail family and with other hikers going about the same pace.

Back to the race. The rest of the course had a few hills, went through more little towns than I thought would be there, and continued to enjoyed the views. The last few miles seemed to last a long time but with persistence I was at the finish line, right in downtown Tahoe City along the main street.

Finish line downtown Tahoe City

Me crossing the finish line

Me with Endorphin Dude and Jennifer H.
After a round of soda, water, (beer for some), and some Marathon Maniac cake for one lady turning 50 today (her shirt read "26.2 is the new 50") we hobbled down the stairs to Lake Tahoe to soak our legs. Some got deeper into the water...

Than others....

HH got his feet wet, it was cold!

Took about 1 hour to drive back to Stateline, NV, dropped off two runners at their hotel, lunch again at Baja Fresh, and another stop at Starbucks, back to the hotel to shower, and do this posting. Dinner later with the same crew from last night.

Next up, Day #3 and final day of the Tahoe Triple Marathon. This time there will be a few hundred more runners, regular aid stations, and an entire lane of the highway closed off the entire race!

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