Friday, April 30, 2010

Flying Pig Marathon Part 1/3 April 30, 2010

The drive from Cville to Cincy
1. Random 2 mile run on the Allegheny Trail near MP 1 on 64 just inside VA at the VA/WV state line
2. "Deactivated" car alarm goes off while driving 75mph down the interstate, turns out my foot was pressing on some wires near the clutch pedal. I discovered this as I moved my foot placement to down shift at an exit, instantly the alarm went off, weird.
3. Race expo, got faked out that you could avoid the booths by completing packet pickup, turned out you still needed to walk through the entire place to get your tshirt, and apparently also got a duffel bag and race poster. Random but nice.
4. Dinner at Skyline Chili with 2 Appalachian Trail SouthBound thruhikers from 2008 that Derek hiked with, apparently Cincy is somewhat known for it's chili, not to be confused with Chile.

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