Friday, April 30, 2010

Charlottesville Marathon Race Report April 17, 2010

Charlottesville, VA Marathon
Saturday April 17, 2010
Marathon #6 (Already ran VA)

Race Report
Time 4:50:and change
Overall Place 411/501
Female Place

So my goal heading into this race/run was to just finish. With completing this marathon I would become eligible to apply for Marathon Maniac status, something I had been eyeing the last 2 years or so. The first half went great, running on Old Garth road through the countryside. Loved that you were in the country so quick after leaving town, even on foot. I was running a steady 9:30 to 10 min miles for this section, and leap frogged with Laura until mile 10 then did not see her again as I slowed. I try to drink gatorade at every aid station until it bothers my stomach then switch to water, however this time it made me need to rush to the restroom (with none around) about 5 minutes later after drinking it, starting around 15 miles. So I tried this one more time to test my hypothesis a few miles later, only to have the same result. So I walked through that and then would run until it upset me again, I tried using the porta potty at Riverside Park with no results. So for the rest of the race I ran when I could and then walked when my stomach got angry. What also probably contributed to this was the lack of GU at the advertised stations, not sure if they ran out or they just weren't in place to hand out. So the electrolytes were likely a factor, I had pondered wearing my Nathan HPL water pack but decided that there would be enough aid stations and Gu, oh well.

Not too many spectators but I loved the pink lady whoever you are, who was cheering for the runners while running herself. Also, the rescue squad ladies who were manning the right hand turn off of Locust by Martha Jefferson Hospital were great cheerleaders, thanks!

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  1. congrats on another marathon and being able to join the 50-states club!! i am working on this goal myself, although slowly :) not too far behind you at #9.

    good luck at flying pig tomorrow! hope the weather holds off! it has been gross down here in KY.