Thursday, December 27, 2012

End of the World as we know it!

End of the World Marathon
Day after the End of the World Marathon
Humble, TX (the H is silent we learned)
Dec 21, 2012 and Dec 22, 2012

This really just turned into a weekend in the sun as my 2nd cold of the winter was hanging on tight. The first day I made it part way into the 3rd "loop" of 4 and decided to head back to the start/finish line to DNF. My thoughts were that it wasn't worth it to end up in the ER or having an issue somewhere on the course, and not worth it to become more sick due to participating in the marathon.

We earned some sunburns, enjoyed the vitamin d exposure, but hated the design of the roads and freeways in the area. We enjoyed the company tremendously of fellow marathon maniacs, 50 staters, and mega-marathoners (including 5 people that have done >100 marathons this year!). The race was a bit of a who's who in American marathoning, but not in terms of speed but rather in volume of races.

The course was this abandoned feeling lot including condos in various stages of completion, complete with the packet pick up condo having moderate water damage as noted by HH. They had fun signs along the course, including "pre's car" near an abandoned car frame, "dehydrated quick sand" near a sandy section, and "alien trip wire" in a section with some tall grass.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Hienten

Photo Credit: Glen Anderson

Back side of the sign that my dad had made
for the Fox Cities Marathon Sept 2012

Next up: Icebreaker Indoor Marathon in the Milwaukee suburbs, 96 laps in the Pettit Ice Center in the heart of a mid-west winter

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