Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bob Potts Marathon (PA) 5/20 State #26

The drive from WV to York, PA was uneventful with only one stop at a rest area to change into non salt sweat soaked clothes. I was just arriving at our hotel as my PA running friends were getting back from dinner (I had first met a few of them in VA in 2010 at one of David Horton's ultra races). But I was in luck, my good friend from the group had gotten a spaghetti dinner from the restaurant and brought it back to the hotel with her. They had also already picked up my packet for me. Very helpful.

The race start was a quick 10 minute drive across town, and with a small race that starts and ends at essentially the same spot, logistics were easy.

Quick Marathon Maniac photo at the start time and we were off for a small loop around the neighborhood, then on to the gravel/dirt bike path for the remainder of the race, except for the last 0.2 miles.

Marathon Maniacs before the start
Photos courtesy of Wayne Sherman

About 11-12 miles to go!
My energy level was better for this race than the day before, but my legs had no pep, so it was a constant forward motion type of run to keep on top of fluids, electrolytes, and fuel. It kept warming up and you could feel the heat in the periodic shadeless areas.

At the aid station at about mile 20, I joked with a high school aged girl that she should run with us, and I was surprised for her to answer OK, and to actually join me. It was nice to have someone to chat with that had a little energy and she kept me pacing at a good clip for that point in the run of a double weekend. Her dad had run the marathon and had probably already finished, they we all still waiting on her uncle to finish as he was running his first marathon.

Cool finisher's medal!
Back to the hotel for a late checkout shower and the entire running group headed out in a big caravan to the next town over to stop at 5 guys/subway for lunch. After a short rest in Chambersberg, PA I continued the rest of the drive back to Central Virginia.

Great race, nice a flat, small, well organized, and most importantly, cool medal!!!!

I was glad to get a marathon complete in PA particularly that my first attempt ended in me getting to buy a new to me engine for my Subaru!


  1. Congrats to you, that was one amazing and tough weekend you completed!

  2. Your double marathon+ weekends are inspiring! Great job!