Wednesday, May 9, 2012

John Dick 50k DNF Feb 4, 2012

I DNF'd after one 6 mile loop. This was primarily a mental thing for me after hearing at the start that the race had more of a fat ass style to it where most people were not planning on running the entire way. To me, this says, "this doesn't really matter," and it went downhill from there. Additionally, the trails were very icy which was a slight surprise considering there was no snow in downtown Milwaukee. I was unprepared for the ice, without yak tracks or shoe screws. Those with the screws had great days. Other than my own issues the course was well marked and the aid stations were great.

Lesson learned: I do not do well mentally with fat ass style events in pushing myself to continue to run.

John Dick Memorial 50k

Race Photos
I had found a fun one of me running at the start but I cannot find that photo now.

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