Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sugar Hollow Cville Area Trailrunners (CAT) training run

3/13/11 8am (Meet at Greenberry's to carpool to the TH at Sugar Hollow)

Parked at the lower lot and headed up the North Fork Moormans River Trail, then turning North on the Appalachian Trail to BlackRock Summit. Climbing 7 miles and about 1,900ft to reach this view from the summit.

David and Drew

Becca and Drew
Christian had joined us for the first few miles on his mountain bike due to recovering from a stress fracture (he even wore his brace! awesome), he turned around to attend other commitments he had that sunny Sunday.
While David and Drew continued South on the AT looping back to the TH on the Turk Branch Trail for a longer run, I headed back down the trail that we came up to keep the mileage down to rest a healing IT band. On the way down I stopped to take a few pictures. The river was still running high 3 days after the last rainstorm, so there were several wet crossings and thus kept the day hikers away. I had the trail to myself until the last few miles from the car.

Gorgeous section of SNP, crazy that it took over a year of living here to finally explore this section! Another Charlottesville gem and another great day on the trails.

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