Thursday, November 11, 2010

New York City Marathon 11/7/10 Part One

Short Race Report

One of the greatest sporting events ever.
(Granted, I have never been to the Olympics which could possibly be more amazing).

Self photo after the finish

Long Race Report  PART ONE: Friday

With my gracious host Laura allowing me to stay several nights, I jumped at the chance to fly into NYC 2 days early to play tourist having never been to NYC.  With Laura’s great instructions, I made my way from Laguardia on Friday morning via bus then subway to the Expo. 

Subway Lines above ground

Just outside the Expo at the Javits Convention Center

Everything was pretty smooth at the expo, with the most entertaining being that you couldn’t try your shirt on as it was sealed in plastic, but there was a “girl” standing near packet pickup with a small shirt that you could hold up to your body, but not try on, to see if it was your size.

Once completing the rounds I head out, hop a hotel shuttle bringing me closer to Laura’s apartment, I then walked the rest of the way. I head back out to wander around as she lives not too far from Central Park. A bite to eat at Starbucks and wander the rest of the way into the park. Central Park is such a neat green space, good job for the planners of this amazing space. 

Finish Line set-up 2 days prior to the marathon

I was told I had to try these

The Mall, in several movies

Central Park

Mile 25

Watched the set up of the finish line, banner hung for mile 25, ice rink, and then 5th Avenue. Wait, 5th Avenue, isn’t that where the famous stores are located? 

Apple Store on 5th AVE

FAO Swartz on 5th AVE

Why yes, so I continue to walk and explore. Seeing that I was close to Rockefeller Center and home of the taping of the Today Show, I wander over to check out that area. The skating rink was small but there was a great Lego store nearby. 

Today Show

Next up, famous NY Cheesecake, and from a Food Network show, I seek out Junior’s. Not realizing it is near time square I stumble upon that area, then eventually into Junior’s for dinner and cheesecake to go. The cheesecake was nothing that you couldn’t buy at the grocery store, but at least it was authentic right?

Times Square, probably more dramatic at night

Walked back to the apartment, I hear that Laura’s mom is stuck in traffic and will be running late for the Barefoot Running talk by Christopher McDougall, author of Born to Run. At this point, Laura will fly back into NYC halfway into the presentation. So I walk a few blocks over to the NYC Ethical Cultural Center on Central Park West and settle in to my seat. They start with a lady and a little girl hula dancers, which turn out to be McDougall’s wife and daughter. 

There are several other speakers during this presentation, including barefoot ted who rambled on for a bit (each speaker had 10-15 minutes); Dr Daniel Lieberman a professor in evolutionary Biologist from Harvard (excellent speaker); 
Dr Lieberman in Suit/Tie and barefoot

John Durant and NYC resident working on a book about getting back to living like our ancestors but without moving back to nature to accomplish this task (not too far from the Paleo diet from Crossfit but the term crossfit was never mentioned); Eric Orton, McDougall’s coach before the race in the Copper Canyon;  and Peter Sarsgaard, a well known Hollywood Actor (whom I do not recognize as I do not watch very many movies) spoke as well about running in his life and how he met McDougall and that Eric Horton is now his running coach.

Peter Sarsgaard

Christopher McDougall also spoke at the end and then he had a passage from his book sung by a Ironman athlete and professional opera singer. 

Christopher McDougall, Born to Run Author

This was an amazing performance and show all around, however there was not any new information presented but nice to see the people behind the characters in the book.

Part TWO: Saturday to follow….

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  1. NYC is my favorite - congrats on doing multiple marathons in such a short span of time. incredible!