Saturday, May 15, 2010

Flying Pig Marathon Duffel bag giveaway winner!

And the winner is.....

#6 Psyche from Run Like Ya Stole Something

I couldn't figure out how to do the screen shot so I just copy and pasted the result below. Please email me your snail mail addy to rebecca.sudduth at gmail dot com. I will get the bag in the mail this week.

True Random Number Generator
Min: 1
Max: 2
Result: 6
Powered by RANDOM.ORG

Time for bed, getting up early for another long run. Trying to ramp up my mileage for the White River 50 Miler at the end of July. Lots of chaffing from today's run with the high humidity, ouch!


  1. thanks for the good luck wishes. see you in, if you could wear the same clothes/backpack that you are wearing in your profile picture, that would be very helpful! lol. It's probably easier to spot ryan and i since there are 2 of us.

  2. 50 miler?!?!?! WOW!! I'm impressed. Thanks for stopping by my blog!