Friday, January 29, 2010


  • When running this evening in the dark I forget for a moment if it was early morning or evening. Has that ever happened to you on a run?
  • My boyfriend just moved to Chile where it is Summer, while we are expecting 1-2 inches of snow in Central Virginia tonight. 
  • Do toilets in the Southern Hemisphere really swirl the other way than here in the USA?
  • The hosted training run this weekend for Holiday Lake 50k was cancelled in anticipation of snow discussed above.
  • I am PATIENTLY awaiting a Garmin 310XT watch I finally broke down and bought.


  1. Losing track of the time of day happens to me. I get disoriented when I run really hard. Itskind of funny and embarrasing.

  2. Thanks for the tip on the nutritional yeast in the eggs and stir fry!! :)

  3. Hey girl, I'm just checking in on behalf of the Tall Mom 1000+ Mile Club to see how your mileage challenge is going. I'm on the sidelines with an injury right now, so I get to be the Clubs cheerleader. :) Shoot me or Mel an email if you need anything. Happy Running!

  4. hey just wanted to let you know i added you to my reader! :)

    your bf moved to chile? that sounds freakin' awesome! i'd love to live overseas for at least a short while.

    have a good weekend!